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About Our Clinic

Mayflower Clinic was established by a group of successful immigrant professionals from all over the world who choose Kansas as their home and wished to give back to the community. The impetus for this desire was the economic downturn of 2009, where thousands of workers were laid off work and found themselves without health insurance and needed medical care.



Attention Mayflower Clinic Patients

Based on standards set by KDHE, the Mayflower Clinic will be adopting a Sliding Fee Scale (SFS) policy and schedule. This policy will enforce that patients make payments for their visit based on their level of income and family size.

The Mayflower Clinic wishes to remain completely affordable and accessible to all patients, that is why we have kept the fees as low as possible. If a patient is unable to make their payment, they are given the option to apply to have this fee waived. Just ask our staff! This policy will be effective July 17th 2021.

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